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Screen printing is known as a procedure that involves pressing ink through a stenciled mesh screen to create a printed design. It has been a popular method of customization for different clothing manufacturers as they get their apparel printed through different custom screen printing services. The benefit that various screen printing procedures provide to the manufacturers is the freedom to get different designs printed on their respective merchandise. Screen printing companies have made major advancements and have injected new technology in order to make screen printing more durable and effective. 

The versatility that this mode of printing offers opens new opportunities for manufacturers to get unique designs printed with a wide range of inks as per the client’s requirements. Apparel manufacturers rely on custom screen printing services to get the printing jobs done including water-based screen printing, plastisol screen printing, and hybrid screen printing. Screen printing companies all around the world have started to offer low-cost screen printing solutions in order to get more manufacturers to use this method for their merchandise. 

If you are looking for quality silkscreen services then Affix Apparel is the solution to all your needs. Gladiator Athletic Industry excels in all kinds of premium printing solutions including sublimation printing services at the best prices.

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